Mr. Natthaphon Kanjarnavoranun or easier to call him as “Alex”. He is an expert in digital marketing world, especially in SEO. His extreme experiments and experiences in most known SEO techniques, have made him one of the best known SEO expert in Thailand. He started his own website, self-study, and experimented SEO it since 2008.


How did he get started:

He started learning and building his own websites since he was in high school. And in 2008, he successfully launched his university news and community website called He tried many different methods, including: offline marketing (eg: posters, student clubs, faculties) and online marketing (eg: social medias, email marketing, SEM and SEO).

SEO was the only marketing technique that interested him the most. He started to learn many SEO techniques since then, together with small marketing campaigns and partnerships. Finally he was successful to make as the most well known online community for Assumption University (ABAC), and of course received thousands of free traffic via Google SEO.



What are the proven tracks for his SEO career? (Mar 2012- Jan 2016)*

He joined Lazada Thailand, the most well-known and success E-commerce business since March 2012.

He joined as SEO manager with great excitement because Lazada was the company which has a very far and clear vision to be #1 in E-commerce business in South East Asia.

Back then Lazada was just in a coffee shop and packed with ten to twenty people only, but those factors did not stop him from believing in his potential and company’s potential.

He has learned a lot of online marketing definitions, managing a big team, developed himself horizontally to be an even more expert in online marketing.

He managed SEO performance across all of Lazada’s 14 product categories which was full of millions of products in the catalogs. Yes, that was a lot of work to be done. (Feb 2016 – Present)

His move from #1 E-commerce company, Lazada, to Traveloka was a tough situation.

Traveloka was a new Unicorn startup business in South East Asia with “1 Billion USD” in investment, who aimed to be #1 OTA (online travel agencies) in South East Asia.

He aimed to be #1 of Airline keywords among other OTA websites in Thailand by the end of 2016.

By October 2016, Traveloka SEO has successfully reached one of the Top (to stay safe) SEO market share among other OTAs in Thailand, in generic keywords and airline keywords which are SUPER competitive in Thailand market.

This has made him another big success in his career.


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