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How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences that Earn Loyalty and Trust?



Webinar Details

We know we are entering a “new normal” even after all lockdowns for COVID-19 ease. Most agree that the new normal, which some predict might last for a few years, will consist of intermittent lockdowns, more digital touchpoints, and more restrictions around physical spaces.

What does this mean for customer experience (CX), especially when CX is the key to acquiring customers and the landscape has changed?

Is this a good opportunity for companies to rethink and reboot their CX strategies on a clean slate?

And what factors contributing to a successful trust & loyalty program that will appeal to Thai customers?

Key summary during this Webinar we have discussed:

  • Evaluate what are the biggest challenge facing customer service today?

  • Understand why Omnichannel is the future of customer experience?

  • Review what are the creative ways to engage with your customers and thinking deeply about what they need as the world changes before our eyes

  • Understand having innovation make support effortless and productive so you can build a customers-for-life

  • Assess delivering a Matter of Trust after COVID-19

Webinar Format

  • Speakers and Moderator Introduction

  • Panel Discussion

  • Polls

  • Live Q&A

  • Key takeaways

We have refreshed on how to step up your support game with Omnichannel customer support by understanding things like:

  • Streamlining your support teams by tapping into all channels

  • Delivering contextual support by identifying correct channels

  • Empowering agents by making multitasking simple

  • Making data-driven decisions

  • Managing support teams at scale

  • Working with integrations

Suitable for?

  • E-commerce

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Government

  • Logistics

  • Healthcare